IOT-MRS300 EZ SATA Tray For 3 Drives Enclosure

EZ SATA Tray For 3 Drives Enclosure


  •  Solid aluminum body for protection and excellent heat dissipation
  •  Designed for 3.5" Serial ATA I, II  HDD
  •  Can hold Three 3.5" hard drives, a great solution for use in the large capacity.
  •  Support S-ATA II (3.0Gb/s)
  •  Worldwide patent connector allow more than 10,000 times inject/eject. 
  •  Works for both Mac and PC computers
  • Built-in two cooling fans and works noiseless
  • Hot plug and play
  • Active LED to indicate power and data access
  • No inner tray, no screws, no tool. 

Package Content:

Product IOT-MRS300
Cable SATA Cable * 3


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